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Support us to send needy children back to school this fall.


Build a School, Build a Future

Imagine a town without a school. A place where most children are growing up without the experience of learning and interacting with others in a classroom. This is the reality of the towns of Robert and Bazilan, two of the communities MAII serve in northern Haiti.


Children from these towns who are fortunate enough to get an education often walk more than an hour in the hot sun to attend school in other areas. By the time they arrive to class, they have very little energy left for learning. They are just too exhausted to focus. This is a counter-productive process, and MAII would like to break it by giving more local learning opportunities to these children and others like them who have never gone to school.


Land has already been donated to build each town a school. Children have signed up to attend, so eager to have a school they can call their own. All that is now needed are the buildings. Please join hands with MAII to make the wish of these children come true.


Our goal is to raise $20,000 to start the construction of the schools. With your assistance, we can make a significant difference by equipping these children with the necessary tools to create a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their communities.


Please invest in the future of a child today by making a tax-deductible donation of $20, $15, $10 or any other amount to this important cause. Every penny raised will be dedicated to the building of the schools. Every dollar counts. Your contribution will serve as a cornerstone upon which we can together provide the high-quality education Haiti’s children need to move out poverty.

Bringing Education to Robert and Bazilan

Education in Haiti

The education system in Haiti has for decades been a cause for great concern for MAII staff and families.

  • Nationally, only 60% of children between the ages of 6 and 11 are enrolled in school. In the rural communities like those we serve, only around half have this opportunity.1

  • Over 60% of Haitian students are also overaged. This is partly due to late school enrollment, and is much worst in the rural areas.2

  • Though the Haitian Constitution requires the state to provide primary education free of charge, the public school system is too weak to respond to educational demands. Over 80 percent of students are enrolled in private schools, with little public assistance.1

  • Already struggling to make ends meet, poor families must spend as much as 20% of their limited income to pay for one child’s schooling. Due to the prohibitive cost of school fees, about half of primary-age children from the poorest households in Haiti do not attend school.3

  • Faced with widespread unemployment and devastating poverty, even minor school expenses, such as uniforms, become barriers to education.1


1. Fafo, 2009.
2. MENFP (Ministere de L’Education Nationale et de la Formation Professionelle), Haiti, 2007.
3. USAID, 2007

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You have the power to transform a child's life. With only $ 7.30, you can remove a significant barrier to a young boy or girl's education by donating the fabric needed for his or her school uniform.


Empower a Child through a School Uniform!

Through the Build a School, Build a Future initiative, MAII hopes to raise $20,000 to build two schools in the towns of Robert and Bazilan in northern Haiti.

As we continue our fundraising to efforts to build these schools we feel a responsibility to start educating eager students. To avoid having them sit idle at home for a year, we are holding classes temporary under a tonnelle, an arbor-like structure, just to help them embark on their learning journey.

While we work to build more adequate school facilities, we want to introduce and maintain the structure students are expected to have, including the wearing of a uniform, to attend school in Haiti.

Though families want to send their children to school, and the children are excited to wear a uniform (many for the first time), the cost is a significant burden to families. It represents a dilemma for a majority of parents who must choose between feeding hungry stomachs and buying the school uniform that will help nourish young minds.

You have the power to help families provide a little bit better for the basic needs and education of their children. With only $ 7.30, you can remove a significant barrier to a child’s education by donating the fabric needed for his or her school uniform.


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