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Mission Trip

Amidst a busy lifestyle, finding regular time to volunteer can be daunting. You want to contribute to something greater than yourself, but you’re exhausted after long days at work. When you feel like all you need is a break, why not change things up and use your vacation time to serve others? Our projects in Haiti are always in need of extra hands, and we would love to organize a mission trip for you. You may also join our program as a family or as part of a group project with friends and colleagues.

Because each person or group has different skills and seeks different experiences, we ask that you contact us directly to see how we can tailor a trip for you. We do have some standard trip schedules, but we always adapt these plans for each party. Depending on your schedule, the size of your group, and the types of projects you would like to contribute to, we will customize an itinerary that fits everyone’s needs. If you are an individual, we will look to pair you with others so you can enjoy a more social working environment.

We understand that our volunteers are exceedingly generous, and we want to make your experience as positive as possible. Every day you will have time to yourself when you can relax, read, reflect, or explore the area around you. These trips are transformational for everyone involved; you will forge new friendships, see a new style of life, and refocus on your core values through service. Likewise, the Haitians you meet will be enriched by cultural exchange, will feel a new hope for the future, and will remember your kindness forever.

Some of the types of projects our volunteers work on include:

  • Caring for orphaned children
  • Leading enrichment activities
  • Participating in construction and demolition
  • Cooking and distributing food
  • Providing basic education and health care
  • Participating in infrastructure projects
  • Performing technology repair and maintenance

We have something for people of all abilities and look forward to engaging with you in the future. Please contact our office at or call us toll free at 1-866-816-4553.

To help you prepare for the trip before you travel to Haiti, please view our Volunteer Guidebook.

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