Ministries Of Aides International, Inc.
Compassion Is Giving

Who we are

Our Identity

Ministries of Aides International, Incorporated (MAII) is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization that fights poverty by bringing economic sustainability to all people through compassionate aid and relevant education.

Our Audience

We seek to share our love of humanity in all our work, and we serve anyone regardless of his or her history, appearance, faith, gender, ability, or lifestyle.

Local Empowerment

We focus our services mainly in the two regions our founder calls home: Northern Haiti and the greater Boston area in Massachusetts. By keeping our geography refined, we are able to know each community’s needs intimately. We take seriously the power of grassroots, local initiatives and always strive to empower from within, prioritizing local knowledge rather than simply importing ideas and expertise from elsewhere.

A Holistic Approach

MAII offers a continuum of services for people at every stage in the life cycle. Knowing that poverty is complex and multifaceted, we use a comprehensive approach that seeks to address the systemic causes of the problem. In order to bring lasting change, we lift up not only a child but also a family and a community, providing all people with education, healthcare, basic needs and caring support through all life’s joys and challenges.

Driven By Values

Rev. Lucien sees MAII as an extension of Jesus’ call to love our neighbors as ourselves, and he has worked hard to keep that call at the center of everything he and the organization does. Every member of the MAII team strives towards this goal, which focuses our work in a moral duty to act with honesty, respect, social equity, and other Christian values.

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